Aromatherapy Candles Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Have you ever relaxed in a bubble bath surrounded by burning candles? You’re not alone. Many people use aromatherapy candles for their therapeutic and soothing effects. What you may not know is that these candles are often very dangerous for your health. This article will discuss some of the harmful effects on your health caused by aromatherapy candles.


Aromatherapy candles are often sold in jars. If you have ever used one in a jar, you may have noticed the black soot on the side of the jar when the candle is burning. This is because these candles are not getting enough oxygen to burn properly. The lack of oxygen causes the aromatherapy candles to release black soot that is just as harmful as cigarette smoke. Even if you don’t inhale the smoke, it can stick to your walls and furniture and be inhaled later.


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to the wick of the candle. Some aromatherapy candles are made with metal wicks that contain lead. The lead wicks release toxic chemicals into the air that are often swallowed or inhaled long after the aromatherapy candles are gone. These chemicals can damage your kidneys and central nervous system. They can also cause neurological and hearing problems.


Did you know that many aromatherapy candles are made with a chemical wax like paraffin? Paraffin is a product of petroleum and you should already know how dangerous fumes from burning petroleum are. When these aromatherapy candles are lit, the wax releases many harmful chemicals into the air like carbon monoxide, benzene, lead, and acetone. These chemicals can be stored in your body for long periods of time and cause problems in the future.


Some companies that sell aromatherapy candles use fragrances that are made with synthetic oils. These synthetic oils are dangerous because they release toxins into the air when they are burned. What makes the situation even worse is that the synthetic oils used in the aromatherapy candles often have no aromatherapy benefit in the first place.

Although not all aromatherapy candles are bad, you should think twice about using them for their supposedly soothing effects. You may be relaxed now, but in the future it may come back to haunt you. If you do decide to use aromatherapy candles, make sure not to buy any that come in jars or have metal wicks. You should also look to see what kind of wax it is made of.

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