How to Legally Purchase Hormones + Alternatives

Although the sale of hormones is regulated, there are certainly ways to buy them legally. Perhaps you have an imbalance that needs to be corrected, or maybe you’d just like a supplement. Whatever the case, there are several different ways in which you can legally purchase hormones, but make sure you are following federal and state law when you take part in this practice.

In order to legally purchase hormones in the United States, you usually need a prescription from either a doctor or a nurse practitioner. The physician will run blood tests and examine your medical history to determine why you need hormones and how much to prescribe. The reason for this is that hormones are powerful substances that need to be regulated in your body. Taking too much can have nasty repercussions, so make sure you’ve consulted a doctor.

The most popular type of physician to visit when you want to legally purchase hormones is an endocrinologist, but you can also get them from gynecologists and general practitioners. For transgendered individuals, it is best to obtain your prescriptions from the facility where you have been treated to date, as they will have your most complete medical history on hand.

Of course, there are other ways to legally purchase hormones. For example, online pharmacies are popular for this type of prescription, and many will write you one after answering just a few questions. They will want to know why you are looking to buy hormones and how you have been treated in the past. Have your last prescription bottle handy so you can tell them your dosage and how long it has been since you last took them.

You can also legally purchase hormones from other countries, where the sale is less regulated. This is dangerous for a number of reasons, but many people feel this is the only way. For one thing, any medicine you buy from out of the country may not be the same as what you purchased in the States. The dosage levels and manufacturing can vary widely, so make sure you know what you are getting.

If you aren’t comfortable with purchasing online or from another country-and I don’t blame you-it might be a good idea to pursue alternative options to legally purchase hormones. Some of the nation’s health stores provide either hormones in natural form or substances that serve the exact same purpose. While you should always research an alternative therapy carefully, these can be a cost-effective way to affect the changes you are seeking.

The best thing to do is to go to your local health store and talk to the pharmacist on duty. Explain your symptoms and what you have taken in the past, and request recommendations based on those facts. More often than not, he or she can direct you to a plethora of options, which you can then research on your own time. And heck, try just changing your diet up! The keto diet has been known to boost specific hormones. May we suggest theĀ ketosis cookbook melt the fat away.

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