Naturally Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is basically a generalized term for the treatments that use chemical drugs in which to kill cancer cells. There are many different kinds of chemical agents which can be used, either alone or in combination with each other in which to treat different kinds of cancers. The specific drug or drug combinations which are chosen to combat the cancer are based on the extent of cancer present and type of cancer that is being treated.

During chemotherapy the drugs rob your system of all you immunity fighting cells along with the cancer cells and therefore after the cancer treatment you are weak and at your lowest while you body tries to recover from the treatment itself.

Your body’s compromised immune system makes it almost imperative that you try to help the body in every way you can after “chemo” to not only cleanse the system of any left over chemicals but strengthen the body’s immune system and build up the body in which to speed the recovery time.

A diet full of organic and raw foods which can easily be digested is vital, especially at such a critical time when your body is so weakened by the “chemo”. The body’s digestive system is also weakened and stomach problems are at an all time high so providing a diet that is soluble and easy to digest is again imperative. Blended fruit and veggie drinks provide a good way of giving the body its daily intake of fruits and vegetables along with giving the body an easier form in which to digest. However having a juicer is also a great asset due to fresh vegetables and fresh fruits allow for better nutritional value than processed juices and give your body a full range of ideal juice combinations in which to pick from . Not to mention the nutrients in vegetable and fruit juices become available to the body immediately after digestion and when taken a little at a time are easier on the delicate stomach system of someone dealing with coming off of chemotherapy.

Raw blended juices are sometimes thicker and more fiber filled and therefore a little rougher on people with an easier nauseated stomach however when taken in smaller doses along with water the raw fiber can help with bowel maintenance. Adding an apple to a vegetable juice or any other fruit such as berries will sweeten the juice up. Berries such as blueberries are highly rich in antioxidants. Chilling juices also make them taste better and go down easier.

Milk thistle may also help with liver inflammation in patients who have cancer and are going through chemotherapy. Milk thistle has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time in which to treat liver disorders.

Milk thistle has may also improve liver-function tests by showing a significant improvement in liver enzymes. Taking milk thistle is also less likely to cause people to have to lower their chemotherapy doses and milk thistle doesn’t appear to interfere with the benefits of chemotherapy.

Vitamins and minerals aside, it’s vital to start getting healthy, home cooked meals. Slow cookers and sous vide machines (check out Sous Vide Wizard) can make this a breeze.

Before starting any diet or supplement you should always talk with your doctor to get his or her full consent and guidance. Your body will have to be monitored closely on any diet or supplement to make sure it is maintaining the proper nutritional needs and to make sure that there are no adverse reactions to any supplement or diet that you are implementing. If you have any side effects you should call your physician immediately.

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