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Sound Energy Therapy Offered at Spa of the Marlin in Dallas, Texas

Whether your therapist is a Psychotherapist, a Swami, Huna, Psychic or other at some point in time we all need to lay on the couch and relieve anxiety. Now there release your stress and anxiety through Sound Energy Therapy. Sound Energy Therapy is available at the Spa of the Marlin in Dallas, Texas.

So how does Sound Energy Therapy work? Sound Energy Therapy is an ancient Tibetan technique that is designed to generate sound vibrations through the use of tuning forks. As a result of the Sound Energy Therapy produced from the vibrations, one’s energy pathways are cleared and the effects are a sharp clean and reinvigorate self. Your mind and body will feel finely tuned, alert, and clear.

Where you may not actually lie on a couch during your Sound Energy Therapy, you will relax and recline on what is known as a vibrating table as part of the facilities at Spa of the Marlin in Dallas, Texas. The person performing the Sound Energy Therapy is a certified practitioner who will gently place steel instruments around your body. Interestingly, each of the steel instruments used during Sound Energy Therapy, gives of one of seven whole notes designed to correspond with each of your energy points. Once the steel instruments have been applies, and the session started, part of the procedure to help with circulation is to wave feathers above the person being treated, and also recitation of chanting to induce relaxation. If you have experienced working with your Chakras before, energy points are your Chakras.

The length of a scheduled Sound Energy Therapy session is approximately 55 minutes after which time your Charkas, which are also known as energy centers, will clearly be aligned to for your body, mind, and senses to operate optimally. You’ve heard the term being centered? Well after an alignment such as the one received during a Sound Energy Therapy session, not only are you centered, but also your anxiety level will be lower and you will be much more aware of your inner peace and balance. The price of a Sound Energy Therapy session is $60.00.

The Spa of the Marlin is located at 13545 Webb Chapel Road in the Farmers Branch area of Dallas. Hours of operation are 10:00AM to 6:00PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and 10:00AM to 8:00PM Wednesday and Thursday. The Spa is opened on Saturdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. For more information or to make reservations for your Sound Energy Therapy session call 972-247-8348 or visit the Web site today.