Use Aromatherapy to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is a common feeling; this perfectly natural response only becomes a problem when excessive and lasting, so use aromatherapy to prevent it from getting out of hand.

Modern life is the cause of much anxiety, from exams to driving to emotional issues, and it is natural to feel anxious in many everyday situations. For example, if your child is late home from school you will naturally feel concern, but this emotion normally disappears the moment he or she walks in the door.

When anxiety becomes excessive, to the extent that you feel constantly anxious about everything, it is a problem and can lead to symptoms such as headaches, allergies, digestive disorders, insomnia or sensitive skin. Physical therapies including Yoga and Tai Chi can help you relax combined with the use of soothing essential oils.

All of these following blends should be made using 35ml of the carrier oil of your choice and dispatched into easy-to-carry bottles.

Overcoming anxiety: Blend 2 drops each of bergamot, lavender and neroli and 4 drops chamomile.

Calming the body: Combine 2 drops each of clary sage, marjoram and benzoin with 3 drops of geranium and 1 drop cypress.

Calming the emotions: Mix 2 drops each of juniper, Cedarwood and patchouli with 3 drops of Melissa and 1 drop rose.

Calming the nerves: Blend 2 drops each or bergamot and frankincense with 3 drops each of chamomile and lavender.

Find your courage whether visiting the dentist, starting a new job or facing your in-laws with a choice of anxiety-busting blends and techniques.

Many people experience anxiety at the mere thought of making a doctor’s appointment, and sheer terror when contemplating a visit to the dentist’s chair. These feelings are perfectly natural, as they may be connected to underlying worries about your health and the idea of putting your trust and well-being into someone else’s hands.

You can alleviate your worries by calming yourself down beforehand with a relaxing scented bath. Use the ‘Calming the body’ mix before your appointment to dispel distress and turn up at your doctor’s surgery completely unruffled.

The effects of this blend should be quite long-lasting and keep you feeling positive and calm about your visit. You can make a blend for massage use and then apply it to your pulse points on the way to your appointment.

Starting a new job is a great cause of anxiety and stress as it causes major upheaval in your life. A new place of work might mean a longer commute as well as getting used to different people and making changes to your usual routine.

Your new employer will expect you to adapt relatively quickly. Have a shower using the ‘calming the nerves’ blend in the morning. You will then feel calm as well as clean and ready for all the challenges of your new position. In addition, add a few drops of bergamot to your handkerchief to sniff discreetly, whenever you start to feel slightly anxious.

Exams make most people feel anxious. The prospect of having them decide your future will undoubtedly make you feel worried. You may also get nervous about driving tests or taking a qualification.

Anxiety is inconvenient at these times when you most need to keep your emotions in check and your thoughts clear, so make up a balm using the ‘calming your emotions’ blend to carry for immediate use.

During the days preceding the exam, use the same blend in your burner or a vaporizer spray while revising.

Anxiety about visiting the in-laws has become something of an in-joke in many cultures, but for many people it is a real fear. If relations in the family are not at their best or if you just suffer a personality clash with some of your relatives then you might really dread those family visits and reunions.

You and your partner can share mutual support by giving each other a quick massage before a visit. This will make you both feel calmer and reaffirm the bond of love between you. Also blend the ‘overcoming anxiety’ blend and use it in a burner so everyone will receive the benefits of these tranquilizing fragrances.

Use soothing aromatherapy oils to keep you focused and to associate taking exams with a calm state of mind; to dispel any worries and fears you might have about a medical visit; to help you face the day ahead and to dispel tensions in the air.

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